Work for us


What do you want from a career? Engaging projects where variety fuels your enthusiasm? A sociable and inclusive working environment, where you’re supported and appreciated? The chance to  move and grow as your skills develop? Well, with Specialist Journeys, these factors are very much within reach. 

Based in the UK and home to an existing team of experts and passionate staff, this is more than just a job opportunity. We’re offering you a chance to work with people’s dreams, creating travel experiences that will leave guests with lasting memories.

So, what can you offer us? From product and operations, to marketing and sales roles – if you’re great at it, we are interested. We consider applicants of all levels, from well-seasoned professionals to industry hopefuls. So, whether you’re searching for the ideal first job or you’re looking for a change and simply can’t quiet your wanderlust, get in touch and see how you might fit in here.

Our unique tours visit destinations all over the globe, from popular European cities to more off the beaten track locations such as Uzbekistan and Ethiopia. Our award-winning family of special interest travel companies cover everything from archaeological tours led by renowned experts to garden holidays and even worldwide charity challenges. Each itinerary we create is designed by an archaeologist, historian or gardens expert, and our roster of tour guides is second to none. Television personalities, revered authors, academics and fantastic archaeologists are just an example of the people who take groups of eager travellers away on our holidays, and the reputation we’ve built over the years – like our team often does – is growing.

We aren’t currently hiring, but if you would like to share your CV with us speculatively, please give us a call on 01722 713800 and we will direct you to the right place.