The Specialist Journeys Group is a collection of some of the world’s finest niche tour operators.

As a group, we are determined to maintain the uniqueness of each of our brands. I tend to think of Specialist Journeys not as a single business, but as a ‘family’ of tour operators. As with all families, each individual member (or company in this case) has it’s own unique oddities, brilliance and quirks. Travelling with Arblaster and Clarke to Champagne, you will have a very different experience to those exploring Monet’s Gardens with Brightwater Holidays, or poking around ancient Paris with Andante Travels.

For all their differences however, every Specialist Journeys company does share an ethos – an aspiration – to provide truly unique and magical holidays for our customers. The ‘special’ in Specialist Journeys comes when you lie on the floor of an empty Sistine Chapel – staring up at Michelangelo’s creation. Or when you enjoy a private tour of Prince Charles’ garden at Highgrove. Or when you spot a silver back gorilla, having trekked for hours in the forests of Uganda.

If you are interested in going on one of trips please do click through to the individual websites or contact our helpful and knowledgeable sales teams.

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With best wishes for happy travels,