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Founded and run by historians, at Historical Trips we like to think that a love of things past does not stop us knowing how to have a good time in the present. Explore the history that shaped us.

Historical Trips

Journey back to the past with Historical Trips, home to a captivating roster of tours that span four continents, 17 continents and 1,000 years of history. Experts – from scholars in military history and acclaimed authors, to television personalities and renowned historians – lead the tours, which offer unique insight and privileged access to a range of sites, museums and battlefields along the way.

History is truly at the heart of everything this company does as the staff puts its passion for the past into exploring over nine centuries’ worth of world-changing events. From tales of Cathars and crusaders in Languedoc to a moving journey through Poland’s sobering past, we have something to suit every historical interest.

The price of flights, hand-picked hotels, regional cuisine at meal times, site entry and local travel are all included, unless otherwise stated. Whether it’s a tour of Oskar Schindler’s former factory in Kraków, the chance to enjoy a dramatic flamenco performance after a visit to the legendary Alhambra Palace, or a private tour of the home of Sir Thomas Wyatt ­­­– rumoured lover of Anne Boleyn – an experience with Historical Trips is one that will linger in the memory long after you return home.