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For more than forty years Archaeological Tours has been setting the standard of what constitutes a great archaeological and historical study tour.

Archaeological Tours

Travel doesn’t just broaden the mind, it stimulates, educates and inspires. Archaeological Tours is a company that doesn’t limit its ambition. It works with its in-house experts to seek out first-rate archaeology and history wherever it can be found, and then designs itineraries to showcase the very best of what’s on offer around the world.

With immersive vacations that range from 12-20 days, these tours allow you to completely lose yourself in the magic of the destinations visited. For many of us, the chance to explore ancient Egypt or to travel between the evocative temples and shrines in Japan is a once in a lifetime experience. With Archaeological Tours, art, music and cultural visits are also included in its programs. Why? Because you don’t want to miss the chance to hear the unique tones of Classical Indian music – as intrinsic to the country’s history as the Taj Mahal – and you can’t go all the way to Malta and miss seeing the Caravaggio hidden away in one of the Churches of Valletta.

Travel in the company of distinguished faculty members from respected universities and museums alike with Archaeological Tours. The lecturers that lead these tours are chosen not only for the breadth and depth of their knowledge, but also for their ability to fascinate their listeners, and share the passion they have for their chosen subject. A great number of Archaeological Tours’ lecturers have toured with them for many years and are very much attuned to the subtleties of what makes an outstanding tour.